Just because you have a 2 compartment sink, doesn’t mean that you have twice the hassle, when it comes down to taking care of it and keeping it running in perfect condition. 2 compartment sinks are actually easier to maintain, when you compare them to normal sinks.

They have the same plumbing, but because there are 2 areas that water flows down to the main, means that you will have less clogged drains and better drainage. In the worst case that one of the drains actually gets clogged, you will not have to worry since there is another, drainage point for you to divert water to. All you need to do from time to time is to observe, the water drain from the sinks. If you find that the amount of water being drained is slowing down, think about getting your pipes cleaned.

You can give your plumber a call to come and clean out your drainage pipes. Once every 6 months will be more than enough to keep your sink is good working order. The pipes are about the same as a normal sink, so there will not be any additional charge when the plumber is checking your pipes for clogged areas. You can also try to handle the problem yourself if you choose to.

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