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70 LB Fryer Therma-Tek TEK70-LP
70 LB Fryer Therma-Tek TEK70-LP

70 LB & 5 Burner Fryer Therma-Tek TEK70-LP 150,000 BTU


Therma-Tek Model  F-5  fry tank is a peened all stainless steel tank withan efficient high heat battle system, cool zone and a 1/4" full port drain valve.
The front and door is all stainless steel.
Door is supported for extra strength with a wlded magnet and reversible door handle.
Two fry baskets are included with red plastic coated handles.
1millivolt thermostat allows a temperature range of 200° F to 400°F.
A back up safety Hi Limit control shuts the fryer down if shortening exceeds the maximum temperature.
The Thermostat, Gas Valve and Hi Limit bare Invensys/Robertshaw parts.


70 LB Fryer Therma-Tek TEK70-LP

Part Number: TEK70-LP
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