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Atosa AEC-0711E Combi Oven
Atosa AEC-0711E Combi Oven
  • Atosa Combi Oven Capacity: 7ea 1/2-Sheet Pan OR 7ea GN1/1 Pan Dimensions: 30 W * 34 D * 35 H
  • Atosa Smart-Touch Combi Ovens
  • 10” Smart Touch Screen - Large cooking process icons with clear, colorful and vibrant graphics
  • Chef Touch Controls - User friendly / easy access Combi modes, programmed recipe library and customized menu option
  • Flat Screen Tempered Glass Operational Systems
  • ATOSA Combi Smart Cooking - Automated cabinet monitoring to maintain cooking temperature, humidity and load size
  • Combi Smart Touch Processes - Programed multi-stage cooking, manual cook, core probe cooking, cook and hold
  • 8 Fan Speed Balance Reverse
  • Designed for maximum steam saturation and humidity
  • Perfect Humidity Control. An automatic system holds or ejects the humidity depending on whether it is too low or too high, maintaining the humidity level set
  • Sub-divided Heating System - For maximum recovery
  • Smart Touch Rack Timing - For mixed load batch cooking, banquets, buffet and a la carte restaurant service
  • USB Storage - Share Combi recipes, programs, and HACCP data with multiple locations and chains
  • Wi-Fi Connection - Remotely monitor Combi operating status in real time with fault alarm via tablet or smart phone *
  • Wi-Fi Self Diagnostics Protection - Safety Protections to protect and ensure oven remains in safe working order *
  • Wi-Fi Service Diagnostics - Remote service tech diagnostics and component trouble shooting *
  • 6 Mode Automated Combi Wash - Cleaning based on soil and usage to include automatic shut down and unlock when finished
  • Non-Proprietary Chemicals - Combi wash is approved for use of generic liquid professional Combi cleaners and rinse agents that comply with local laws and regulations
  • Twin Fill Tanks - Automatic reminder to add cleaner / rinse to tanks when low without always checking at time of cleaning
  • Sleek Design - Triple pane glass, condensed footprint, convenient for surface cleaning and maintenance
  • Footless Combi’ Design - Ergonomic footing for stability, placement and cleanliness
  • High-Pressure Coil Wash Hose - Ideal for manual quick flush, quench, rinsing and cabinet quick cleaning
  • Wi-Fi features not yet available - coming soon!

Atosa AEC-0711E Combi Oven

Part Number: AEC-0711E
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