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Boilerless Steamer Double Stacked 6 Pan-Electric
Boilerless Steamer Double Stacked 6 Pan-Electric

Industrial Boilerless Steamer Double Stacked 6 Pan-Electric ((2)SSB-3EF)


Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty steamer applications for a la carte steaming
  • Energy/water optimized design
  • Most powerful boilerless steamer on the market - in both gas and electric
  • Fast, high capacity steamer for large, high capacity operations that's easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Fastest preheat and cook times in the business, no recovery issues
  • Field-reversible doors (right or left-hand swing) standard
  • Uses even poor quality tap water
  • Less maintenance -- just wipe down the cavity/probes and you're done
  • Single-point water connection on all models, even if stacked
  • Standard automatic water fill and drain
  • Cook multiple food types with multiple cook times
  • Convection fan circulates steam throughout the cooking cavity for fast, even cooking from pan to pan
  • Rock-solid doors with push-up door handles
  • Adding cold pans of food doesn't lower cavity or water temperature, steam stays hot due to the steam lid
  • No side vents for increased water-resistance, saving kitchen and hood vent space
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel interiors with mirror finishes
  • All stands are shipped with bullet feet, field-installable casters and flanged feet are available
  • Models are UL Listed, CSA design certified and NSF Listed, as applicable
  • Made in the U.S.A.


                               Specs & Dimensions:

  • Manufacturer: Groen
  • Category: Steamers
  • Capacity (Pans): (6) Full Size
  • Heat: Electric
  • Height (in): 63-1/16
  • Depth (in): 36-1/8
  • Type: Convection
  • Size: Floor Model
  • Stacking Options: Double
  • Specialty Options: Boilerless
  • Water Flow: Self-Contained / Connectionless
  • Width (in): 21-3/4
  • Weight: 500lbs.

Boilerless Steamer Double Stacked 6 Pan-Electric

Part Number: (2)SSB-3EF
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