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Crown Verity CV-2620-SS Patio Heater
Crown Verity CV-2620-SS Patio Heater
  • Warmth Where You Need It: This exceptional patio heater is designed to provide a clean circle of warmth

  • ensuring that you and your guests stay comfortable even on cool evenings.

    Easy Ignition and Safety: Featuring a reliable Piezo electric ignition system with a fail-safe pilot system

  • you can count on hassle-free operation. Safety is a priority
  • with an anti-tilt wheelbase equipped with a safety cut-off switch.

    Weather-Resistant Durability: Crafted with weather-resistant construction

  • the CV-2620-SS can withstand the elements
  • ensuring longevity and continued performance.

    Adjustable Heat Output: Customize your heating experience with the adjustable heat output

  • allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space.

    Easy Mobility: Moving this patio heater is a breeze

  • thanks to the included wheel kit. You can position it wherever you like with ease.

    High Efficiency Burner: The high-output and fuel-efficient conical burner ensure not only warmth but also efficiency in fuel consumption.

    Versatile Propane Tank Compatibility: This heater can hold either 20 or 30 lb. propane tanks

  • providing extended heating for your gatherings.

    Quality Assurance: Crown Verity stands by the quality of the CV-2620-SS with a 1-year limited parts-only warranty.

    Certified for Safety: The CV-2620-SS meets the highest safety standards

  • holding approvals in the USA and Canada through ETL to CSA and UL standards.

    Additional Features: Reflector clearance of 24" from the top and 36" to the sides

  • heavy-duty 304 stainless steel body and head
  • hose
  • and regulator included.

    Customizable Finishes: Choose from AB Antique Bronze

  • SV Silver Vane models with a powder-coated post
  • base
  • and decorative cover to match your outdoor décor.

    Stability Matters: To ensure stability

  • the unit base (bladder) can be filled with either sand or concrete
  • adding weight to the bottom for extra stability.

    Elevate your outdoor entertainment with the Crown Verity CV-2620-SS patio heater. Experience warmth

  • style
  • and convenience like never before. Make every outdoor gathering memorable with this exceptional patio heater.

Crown Verity CV-2620-SS Patio Heater

Part Number: CV-2620-SS
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