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  6. Grease Trap capacity 150 LB Poly Ashland w 3" In 75 GPM (4875-3)
Grease Trap capacity 150 LB Poly Ashland w 3' In 75 GPM (4875-3)
Grease Trap capacity 150 LB Poly Ashland w 3' In 75 GPM (4875-3)

*Model #: 4875-3
*Flow Rate: 75 g.p.m.
*Grease / Sludge Capacity: 150 lbs
*Nom. Wall Thickness: 3/16"
*Approximate Weight: 64 lbs
*Standard Inlet / Outlet: 3"
*Liquid Holding Capacity: 61.8 gal


Weight: 100 lbs.
Width: 25 in.
Depth: 44 in.
Height: 24 in.

• Not PDI Rated but Manufactured to the exacting specifications of PDI.****
• Listed by other local code authorities.
• PolyTrap® is Superior to metal, fiberglass, or specially treated materials that are promoted as “preventing corrosion”. PolyTrap® grease interceptors include a completely integrated surface guaranteed not to corrode, chip, peel or leach.
• Leak-proof, seamless constructed tank, manufactured with high-quality material that provides enhanced stiffness in combination with impact resistant properties.
• Lightweight, easy to handle and install – yet durable and sturdy to withstand the most rigorous applications of the plumbing industry.
• The unique resin used allows for use in applications requiring high temperature continuous service. No comparable material like it. • Smooth, non-stick surface allows for easier and more complete cleaning, Stay’s Clean Looking.
• Surfaces discourage bacteria build-up.
• High value for you – the customer.
• Fast Delivery, in stock.
• Can be used on floor or in ground flush to floor.
• Can be shipped anywhere for very low cost compared to metal competitors.
Options and Considerations for ordering

• All dimensions are nominal and may vary from table.
• 4800 Series models include flow control device.
• Matte finish on all covers to reduce slipping.
• Special HD Diamond Plate cover over-lays are available for pedestrian traffic areas.
• All units include removable baffle and internal air-relief.
* Check on code approval status & availability


Grease Trap capacity 150 LB Poly Ashland w 3" In 75 GPM (4875-3)

Part Number: 4875-3
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