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Ovention Matchbox 1718 Ventless Commercial Oven


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Ovention Matchbox 1718

Are you looking for a small footprint oven that will allow you to cook a broad menu of high quality items quickly and doesn’t require a hood? If so, the Ovention Matchbox 1718 is right for you.


The Matchbox 1718 uses Precision Impingement™ technology, allowing the cook time, independent blower speeds, and temperature to flex for each item for an ideal cook. How? Precision Impingement combines highly efficient impinged air cooking with a one touch, GUI-based control system. This gives you the simplicity of conveyor cooking with the benefit of up to 1,000 unique cook settings that can vary up to 50 degrees higher or lower from cook to cook. We then went further and included a catalytic converter, USB port, and front panel cooling system to improve the operator experience even more.

The result: the first Precision Impingement oven that gives you the freedom to cook a full menu offering, yet does not require a hood, is comfortable and quiet to work near, and is energy efficient.


Ultimate Temperature Control

With FlexTemp, the Matchbox Commercial Oven can increase or decrease temperature by up to 50 degrees from one item to the next. Many ovens can increase cavity temperature but no other oven on the market can decrease temperature so quickly and with precision. No doors have to be left open, and no need to wait for the oven to cool down – the temperature reduction happens almost instantly. Cook one item at 480 and the next at 450 and the following at 500 – all in a matter of seconds.


Superior Cooking Control

Imagine baking a pizza, roasting fresh veggies, cooking chicken, broiling fresh shrimp, and baking chocolate chip cookies. One after another, perfectly and nonstop. Now you can do it with Ovention Ventless Ovens.

Operators want to have robust menus to meet their consumer’s desire for variety but more items usually means more complicated cook time and temperature settings for each item to be made properly. Many are forced to decide between either hiring expensive labor or reducing their menu variety. Ovention™ Ovens have an elegantly simple cook platform that gives you total cook control to bake, broil, grill, or roast at the touch of a button.

Ovention’s programmable touchpads allow you to create precise cook settings for more than 1,000 items. Tap the touchscreen and the oven adjust cook time, temperature and independent top and bottom blower speeds so that each product is cooked perfectly every time. Want even more cook control? Within a cook cycle you can also program up to three stages. For example, slowly defrost at the beginning of the cycle then caramelize at the end. And don’t forget, with FlexTemp™, you can increase or decrease the temperature by 50 degrees from one item to the next. Finally, have the menu variety you want at the push of a single button.

Like the idea of precision cooking but need development support to create your menu cook settings?The Ovention team is here to help.


Lower Operator Costs

Ovention™ Ovens revolutionary features drive significant energy, HVAC and build out cost reductions to help increase your bottom line – while enabling menu expansion opportunities to increase the top line. Either way, it is money in your pocket.

As with many important purchases, the oven cost is just one component to factor in when calculating your total capital investment and payback time frame. Our team has worked with both commercial and non-commercial operators to help identify all costs associated with Ovention Oven purchase and maintenance vs. other ovens. Below is a snapshot of how Ovention Ovens compare on key operator metrics.


Save Time with Rapid Load Technology

Ovention’s Rapid Load technology provides faster service time, less waste, and better recovery.

Does it frustrate you that on a countertop conveyor a 3-minute belt speed actually takes more like 5 minutes to cook? Conveyor belt speed is not the same as cook time because conveyors take more time for the food to completely enter and exit the cavity. For an operator, the time outside the oven is time that your food isn’t cooking and your service times are growing.

Ovention Rapid Load technology with easy-to-use touch pads and stepper motor automation moves food into the oven cavity in under 3 seconds so that your food can begin cooking immediately. Once the items are inside, fully customizable cook settings and Precision Impingement™ technology allows for cook times that are typically over 50% faster than conveyor ovens. Saving time getting your food into the oven, and faster cook times while in the oven, mean breakthrough service times and more top line sales.

Further, unlike conventional rapid cook ovens that utilize batch cooking, Ovention’s Rapid Load allows you to queue up a second item while the first one is still cooking. Now your crew can confidently multi-task without the risk of burning or over-cooking food.


No Hood Required

Install anywhere, since Ovention’s unique closed cooking system meets UL certification for ventless operation

Unless you are building a new store from the ground up and you have complete control of the build out from day one – finding an oven that doesn’t require a hood is a priority. The cost of the oven is one thing but when you add in build out and hood expenses to the total cost, an oven can easily double in price. Ovention Ovens do not require hoods to help you keep costs down. How? Ovention has designed all of our ovens with patented catalytic converter technology to remove excess grease from the air. To make sure there is little room for debate, we use three catalytic converters per oven so that the Ovention Matchbox Oven emits one-tenth of the grease allowable to be UL certified for ventless operation and UL NSF/ANSI 4 certification giving you 10X the confidence.

Our ovens also feature RapidLoad™ automatically sealing the cavity to maximize internal cook temperature efficiency and minimize heat loss. This not only helps keep our oven comfortable to the touch but less heat outside the oven means a lower HVAC bill in your mailbox.


Ideal for Small Footprints

The Ovention Oven unparalleled cooking control can do the work of multiple pieces of equipment in a compact countertop footprint

Space is precious – both in the front and the back of the house. Oven equipment needs to be space efficient and preferably multi-use to be worth the kitchen real estate. Ovention’s breakthrough FlexTemp technology allows operators to broil, bake, cook, roast, and grill effectively doing the job of a conveyor oven, convection oven, toaster, broiler, grill and panini press all in one.

In addition, Ovention Ovens compact countertop size does not require a hood, so you can put one in the kitchen, at a waitress stand, behind a bar, or in the front of house. And with a closed cook system the oven is quiet and comfortable to the touch so that it can be used anywhere.

Why have equipment that can only cook one thing when the Ovention Oven can make all of this?


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Ship Weight  312 lbs

Amps 50


(H x W x D)

20.24" x 61.68" x 34.47"

Interior Dimensions (H x W x D)

(2) @ 13" x 13" cook platforms

Voltage 208-240v/60/1ph

Product Finish Stainless Steel

Warranty will not be honored for residential or non-commercial use of any Commercial Equipment.


For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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