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  5. Sanden-Vendo Hot Food Display Case HFD000006
Sanden-Vendo Hot Food Display Case HFD000006
Sanden-Vendo Hot Food Display Case HFD000006
Sanden-Vendo Hot Food Display Case HFD 6
  • Attractive - 40W Xenon light bulbs create a well-lit product display for maximum customer appeal
  • Easy to Maintain - Rollout front panel* and stainless steel construction for easy cleaning (*Full Serve HFD only)
  • Flexible Temperature - Each shelf temperature individually controlled with 6 temperature control settings.
  • Food Timers - 12 Timers, programmable from 1 to 4 hours
  • Shelf Configurations (2-4) - Adjustable shelves can be arranged to house products of varying size
    • HFD & Combo Serve HFD provide a total of 6 selling surfaces and over 6 cubic feet of product space
    • Mini HFD provides a total of 3 selling surfaces and 4.1 cubic feet of product space
    • Low Profile HFD provides 2.4 cubic feet of product space
  • Standard Accessories - These optional additions help you get the most out of your display case:
  • Stainless Steel Food Pans - removable (HFD only)
  • Point-of-Purchase Kit - fits on front of shelf (HFD, Mini HFD only)
  • Hard Anodized Pizza Pans - removable (HFD only)
  • Wire Racks - removable (Combo, Mini, & Low Profile HFDs only)
  • High Marketability - Hot food is one of the fastest growing segments for convenience stores. This well-lit, attractive Vendo food warmer has plenty of room for custom graphics, menu boards, or logos that increase aesthetic appeal and "impulse-buy" sales. 
  • Installed in over 2000 convenience stores across USA including 7 Eleven and Racetrack

Commercial Hot Food Case Specs and Dimensions:

Approx. Internal Volume: 6 cu. ft.

Lamps: 6

Temp Controlled Hot Plates: 6

Controls: 6

Hz: 60

Amp: 9.2

Width: 35.3"

Depth: 19.7"

Height: 27.6"

Weight: 154 lbs

NSF approved

Sanden-Vendo Hot Food Display Case HFD000006

Part Number: HFD000006
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