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Zojirushi America AAPE-25SC Air Pot Beverage Dispenser
Zojirushi America AAPE-25SC Air Pot Beverage Dispenser

Introducing the AAPE-25SC Air Pot® Beverage Dispenser, a reliable and efficient solution for keeping your beverages hot or cold for hours. This beverage dispenser features a high-quality vacuum glass liner that ensures excellent heat retention, allowing you to serve your drinks at the perfect temperature throughout the day.

The AAPE-25SC model boasts Zojirushi's patented Brew-Thru® stem stopper, which enables direct brewing under most commercial brewers. This convenient feature eliminates the need to transfer the beverage from one container to another, ensuring a seamless brewing and serving experience.

With a capacity of 83 oz. (2.45 liters), this Air Pot® Beverage Dispenser provides ample space for serving a large number of guests or customers. Its compact dimensions of 6-1/8 x 15-3/4 inches make it suitable for various settings, from small offices to bustling events.

The AAPE-25SC's polished stainless steel construction (designated by the "-SCXA" suffix) adds a touch of elegance and durability to the dispenser. The smooth pump mechanism and swivel base make it easy to dispense the desired amount of beverage with minimal effort.

The high-quality vacuum glass liner of this beverage dispenser ensures exceptional heat retention, keeping your hot beverages at a temperature of 172°F (77.8°C) for up to 10 hours or 147°F (64.4°C) for a remarkable 24 hours. Similarly, it effectively maintains the coldness of your chilled beverages for an extended period.

The removable lid of the AAPE-25SC opens a full 125°, allowing for easy cleaning and hassle-free filling. This feature simplifies the refilling process, ensuring that you can provide uninterrupted service to your guests or customers.

For added versatility, the AAPE-25SC is also available with an orange decaf push button, allowing you to distinguish between regular and decaffeinated beverages easily.

This beverage dispenser is ETL Sanitation listed, assuring compliance with stringent sanitation standards. This certification guarantees that the AAPE-25SC meets industry regulations and maintains the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.

In summary, the AAPE-25SC Air Pot® Beverage Dispenser offers exceptional heat retention and convenience for your beverage service needs. With its high-quality vacuum glass liner, Brew-Thru® stem stopper, and removable lid, this dispenser provides an efficient and user-friendly experience. Whether you're serving hot coffee, tea, or cold beverages, invest in the AAPE-25SC to ensure that your beverages remain at the perfect temperature for hours.

Zojirushi America AAPE-25SC Air Pot Beverage Dispenser

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