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Zojirushi America AAWE-30SB Supreme Air Pot
Zojirushi America AAWE-30SB Supreme Air Pot

Introducing the AAWE-30SB Supreme Air Pot, the perfect solution for large volume coffee service use. With a generous capacity of 101 oz. (3.0 liters), this air pot ensures you have plenty of hot or cold beverages available to serve a large number of guests or customers.

The AAWE-30SB features a high-quality vacuum glass liner that excels at heat retention, keeping your beverages at an optimal temperature for hours. Whether you're serving piping hot coffee or refreshing cold drinks, you can rely on this air pot to maintain the desired temperature.

Zojirushi's patented Brew-Thru® stem stopper is integrated into the design of the AAWE-30SB, enabling direct brewing under most commercial brewers. This innovative feature eliminates the need for transferring the beverage to a separate container, streamlining the brewing and serving process.

Measuring at 7-3/8 x 14-3/8 inches, the AAWE-30SB has a compact footprint that fits well on countertops or beverage stations. Its sleek stainless steel construction (designated by the "-XA" suffix) not only enhances its durability but also adds a touch of elegance to any setting.

The smooth pump mechanism and swivel base of the Supreme Air Pot ensure effortless and controlled dispensing, allowing your guests or customers to serve themselves with ease.

The removable lid provides easy access for cleaning and refilling, making maintenance a breeze. You can quickly replenish the air pot to ensure a continuous supply of hot or cold beverages throughout the day.

The AAWE-30SB Supreme Air Pot is ETL Sanitation listed, ensuring compliance with rigorous sanitation standards. This certification guarantees that the air pot meets the highest cleanliness and hygiene requirements, providing peace of mind to both operators and customers.

In summary, the AAWE-30SB Supreme Air Pot offers a large capacity, excellent heat retention, and convenient features for efficient beverage service. Its high-quality vacuum glass liner, Brew-Thru® stem stopper, and removable lid make it a reliable choice for commercial use. Whether you're serving coffee, tea, or other beverages, invest in the AAWE-30SB to meet the demands of large volume coffee service while keeping your beverages hot or cold for extended periods.

Zojirushi America AAWE-30SB Supreme Air Pot

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