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Zojirushi America RDS-600 6 Liter Thermal Rice Warmer
Zojirushi America RDS-600 6 Liter Thermal Rice Warmer

Introducing the RDS-600, an impressive 6 Liter Thermal Rice Warmer that offers a non-electric solution for keeping your food tasting fresh for hours. Designed to be portable and stackable, this model is especially ideal for catering or outdoor use. It excels in preserving the quality of rice dishes, including sushi rice, even when exposed to acidic ingredients such as vinegar.

The RDS-600 Thermal Rice Warmer provides a convenient and non-electric way to keep your food at the perfect temperature for an extended period. Whether you're hosting a catered event or enjoying an outdoor gathering, this rice warmer ensures that your food stays fresh and delicious.

With a generous capacity of 6.0 liters, this rice warmer provides ample space to store a significant amount of rice. Its dimensions of 18-1/8 x 15 x 13-1/2 inches strike a balance between size and capacity, making it suitable for various occasions.

Operating at a temperature of 180°F for up to 6 hours, the RDS-600 effectively maintains the warmth and quality of your rice dishes. Its stainless steel construction (designated by the "-ST" suffix) ensures durability and adds a sleek and professional touch to your setup.

This thermal rice warmer is specifically designed to handle dishes containing acidic ingredients, such as vinegar. It excels in holding sushi rice, preserving its texture, flavor, and quality for an extended duration.

The RDS-600 comes equipped with a reusable and replaceable dew collecting sponge and sponge holder on the lid. This feature helps prevent excess moisture from accumulating and affecting the rice's quality, ensuring that it stays fresh without becoming overly moist.

The stackable design of this rice warmer allows for convenient storage and transportation. It maximizes space efficiency, making it practical for catering services or events where multiple units are required.

For added reassurance, the RDS-600 model is ETL Sanitation listed, indicating compliance with rigorous sanitation standards. This certification guarantees that the rice warmer meets industry regulations and maintains the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.

In summary, the RDS-600 6 Liter Thermal Rice Warmer is a versatile and efficient non-electric solution for keeping your food tasting fresh for hours. Its portability, stackability, and resistance to acidic ingredients make it an ideal choice for catering services and outdoor events. Invest in the RDS-600 to ensure that your rice dishes, especially sushi rice, are kept at the perfect temperature and retain their quality for your guests to enjoy.

Zojirushi America RDS-600 6 Liter Thermal Rice Warmer

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