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Zojirushi America THA-803S 8 Liter Electric Rice Warmer
Zojirushi America THA-803S 8 Liter Electric Rice Warmer

Introducing the THA-803S, an exceptional 8 Liter Electric Rice Warmer designed to keep your cooked rice fresh-tasting and warm at the perfect serving temperature without compromising its quality. This model is a reliable choice for restaurants, catering services, and other food establishments that prioritize serving hot and delicious rice to their customers.

The THA-803S Electric Rice Warmer excels in maintaining the freshness and warmth of your rice, ensuring it stays at an optimal serving temperature without drying, scorching, or yellowing. With this rice warmer, you can confidently serve your rice throughout the day while maintaining its delicious taste.

This model boasts a spacious capacity of 8.0 liters, providing ample room to store a significant quantity of rice. Its dimensions of 18-1/8 x 15 x 12-5/8 inches allow for easy integration into your kitchen setup, making it a convenient choice for commercial use.

Operating at 120 volts with 77 watts of power, this rice warmer guarantees efficient heating, ensuring that your rice is kept at the ideal serving temperature. The stainless steel construction (designated by the "-ST" suffix) adds durability and a sleek aesthetic to your kitchen space.

The THA-803S Electric Rice Warmer is not only perfect for rice but can also be used to keep other foods warm, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen equipment. It allows you to maintain the temperature of various dishes, ensuring that they are served at their best.

The nonstick inner pan of this rice warmer simplifies the process of serving and cleaning. The rice does not stick to the surface, making it easy to transfer to serving dishes. Additionally, the handles on the inner pan provide convenience when removing and handling the rice warmer.

Cleaning the THA-803S is effortless, thanks to its detachable and washable inner lid. You can easily remove the lid for thorough cleaning, ensuring hygiene and eliminating any residual odors or flavors.

Included with the THA-803S is a rice spatula, allowing you to serve the rice efficiently and effectively. The spatula is designed specifically for rice, ensuring ease of use and optimal portioning.

For your peace of mind, the THA-803S model is cETLus listed and ETL Sanitation listed, meeting strict electrical safety and sanitation standards. These certifications guarantee the reliability, quality, and compliance of the unit with industry regulations.

In conclusion, the THA-803S 8 Liter Electric Rice Warmer is an essential appliance for maintaining the freshness and warmth of your cooked rice. With its generous capacity, nonstick inner pan, and convenient features like a detachable inner lid and included rice spatula, this rice warmer offers convenience and ease of use in a commercial setting. Invest in the THA-803S to ensure that your customers enjoy perfectly warm and delicious rice with every meal.

Zojirushi America THA-803S 8 Liter Electric Rice Warmer

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