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Zurn Z1186-800 50 GPM Oil Interceptor
Zurn Z1186-800 50 GPM Oil Interceptor

Zurn Z1186-800 50 GPM Oil Interceptor 

These oil interceptors feature fabricated steel construction with an acid resistant epoxy coat on the interior and exterior, bronze cleanout plug, visible double wall trap seal, removable combination pressure equalizing/flow diffusing baffle and sediment bucket, horizontal baffle, adjustable oil draw-off and vent connections either side, secured gasketed non-skid cover complete with flow control fitting and a threaded inlet and outlet.
Note: Location of outlet from bottom of interceptor cannot be changed.
This Zurn oil interceptor Z1186 is furnished with a 1-1/2" NPT adjustable oil draw-off assembly. Since oils are lighter than water, gravity causes the oil to rise to the surface of the water. The oil draw-off assembly allows the separated oils, and other similar light density substances, to be automatically drained out through a properly adjusted internal stand pipe. A pipe connection from the internal adjustable standpipe is connected to an oil drain line leading from this Zurn oil/water separator to an oil storage tank. The standpipe sleeve (brass tube) must be adjusted so the opening is 1/8" above the top of the normal water flow level in the interceptor chamber. The oil that floats to the surface will drain off by gravity flow as waste water flows through the Zurn oil interceptor Z1186. When the adjustable sleeve in the standpipe is correctly set, no water will drain off with the oil. There is no need for any manual skimming of the oil.


Model Z1186-800 Oil and Sediment Interceptor Heavy Duty Commercial

  • 30 Gal Water Capacity 50 GPM
  • Outlet Pipe Size 3"
  • Width   Front to Back 22-1/2"
  • Length Side to Side (Inlet to Oulet)  34-1/8"
  • Height Floor to top    24-1/4"
  • Bottom to Center of Inlet  14-1/4"
  • 171 Lbs

Made in USA



Zurn Z1186-800 50 GPM Oil Interceptor

Part Number: Z1186-800
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