How To Avoid That Sunken Feeling When Selecting A Compartment Sink

These days it is very easy to find kitchen sinks. They can be found for a great price and are available on just about every street corner. For a business establishment operating in the food industry it is important to make the right choice when it comes to acquiring a kitchen sink. Be it a restaurant or a café, your business can depend on it. Let us take a look at the relevant parts of deciding about getting a sink for a commercial enterprise.


The first sinks made in the United States were for the bathroom and intended for the washing of hands. Consisting of a small table, a pitcher and bowl was placed on it. In the 19th century running water made its appearance and carrying water around in buckets was not something that Lisa had to do any longer. Kitchen sinks were heavy and formidable and mainly constructed out of cast iron. This lead to the saying “everything but the kitchen sink” referring to the fact that if one had to take everything that could be moved from the house the huge kitchen sink wouldn’t be one of them. Today the National Sanitation Foundation (NFS) certifies sinks that have to be used in cafes or dining establishments.

Compartment sinks

MCS-3-2D Sink

Nowadays sinks are available in three varieties. There is the hand sink which is designed and used for cleaning the hands. Then there is the prep sink that is used for preparing and washing food. The last variety of sink is used for washing dishes. A sink that is made for washing dishes should preferably have three separate compartments. This allows the kitchen staff to get on with the business of washing, rinsing and sanitizing the dishes in the same area. A compartment sink can be selected from three styles. A drop in is appropriate for a small area or even a kiosk or a mobile unit. A corner sink gives more space by using a spare corner whereas a standing sink is the most functional for a professionally run operation. Some may be available with vibration dampening material on the sink’s underside to assist with keeping noise levels down.

Gauge and stainless steel

Commercial sinks are mostly manufactured from stainless steel. The gauge that is mentioned refers to the steel’s thickness. The numbers used to indicate the gauge works a little like golf. The lower that the number is, the better. It is not advisable to go higher than 18-gauge stainless steel. This number indicates a weight of 2.016 pounds per square foot and a thickness of 0.0500 inches. Nearly all of the stainless steel sinks are made from Type 304 stainless steel which indicates not less than 18% chromium and 8% nickel, leading also to the descriptor 18/8.

When it comes to a selecting a commercial compartment sink it is of the utmost importance to speak to professional suppliers such as USA Equipment DIRECT and to take time to choose the one most appropriate for your business.

Reflecting On Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Wall Dish Cabinet w Hinged Doors

Stainless steel is also known as onox, borrowing from the French word “inoxydable”, and is nothing more than a steel alloy where the chromium content by mass is not less than 10.5%. It does not readily stain with water nor does it corrode or rust. For many professionals in the food and restaurant business it is also something barely short of perfection. Let us have a closer reflection on what it all means.

Coming to you with a rather short history

The most famous piece from the days of yore that survived the ravages of rust is the Iron Pillar of Delhi that was erected about 1,600 years ago. This was mainly due to a high phosphorous content. Introducing iron-chromium alloys started off in 1821 in France who remarked on their resistance to corrosion and recommended it for use in cutlery. It took another 90 years for austenitic stainless steel to be patented in Germany and 7 more years for the patent of martensitic stainless steel to be granted in the U.S.A. (The difference between the two types lies in the crystalline structure in case there is a requirement for it to be crystal clear). At the same time England was also marching forward on the stainless steel front but its research centered on using it in gun-barrels

What makes it such a good choice?

The everlasting truth about stainless steel is that it’s practically indestructible. It is heat and rust resistant and it doesn’t fade or chip. It is manufactured to industrial strength levels and built to last a business’ lifetime. Because it is non-porous stainless steel is extremely hygienic. Its smooth surface has no grooves for dirt to accumulate and bacteria to grow in. Stainless steel has found its way not only into restaurants and food processing plants but also into hospitals. Another prized quality is that stainless steel is very easy to clean. In the current increasing trend of transparency in restaurants and canteens, where diners prefer to have at least glimpses of food preparation, using stainless steel provides a professional and sophisticated atmosphere through its clean and industrial appearance.

Its move from industry into trendy homes

The current trend when it comes to home design is to have contemporary interiors. Home owners prefer unorthodox designs that contain clean lines within geometric patterns. There is a sweep towards minimalist designs that emphasize functionality requiring less cleaning and maintenance. Wherever stainless steel is introduced it lends a sophisticated and elegant shine. From initially being considered very expensive stainless steel nowadays, thanks in the main to mass production due to its wide acceptance in the restaurant and food industry, has become affordable and many homeowners see it as a worthwhile investment.

Stainless steel has had a remarkable journey into the kitchen. The well-informed that also agree with preserving the environment easily accept stainless steel as it is mostly recyclable. Little wonder that those that prepare food on a large scale look towards stainless steel as the preferred material for kitchen cabinets.

A Look At Deep Frying As One Of The Best Cooking Methods

Deep frying is one of the most popular cooking methods out there. People just could not get enough of fried foods. There are so many types of food that could be deep-fried. Here are some examples.

• Chicken


Everybody loves fried chicken. In fact, deep frying is the best way to cook chicken meat. People all over the world have their own fried chicken recipes. Most of these recipes have been handed down from previous generations and are kept secret from the public.

• Beignet

Another popular deep fried food is what people refer to as the beignet. It is a wonderful dessert that is perfect after a hearty and satisfying meal. Beignets are made from fried dough and are topped with sugar. Sometimes, other ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, and even meat are added.

• Shrimp

Any lover of seafood would find it impossible to ignore fried shrimp. Shrimp is very tasty and it is even made tastier by frying it. Shrimp is loaded with vitamin D, zinc, protein and other nutrients although too much of eat could also trigger allergic reactions.

• Pickles

Pickles have always been great treats as well as great additions to sandwiches and salads. Fried pickles anyone? Who could have guessed that pickles would feature a different yet equally amazing taste once they have been fried?

• Churros

Churros are what people usually refer to as Spanish doughnuts and are very popular all over the world. These fried pastries go well with coffee and hot chocolate and that is why they are popular as breakfast foods.

• Fried oysters

Oysters are also popular seafood treats and eating at a seafood restaurant without ordering oysters is somehow unacceptable. Fried oysters taste very delicious especially if they are made with great-tasting breading.

• Brussels sprouts

Do you have a hard time eating nutritious Brussels sprouts? Why not consider cooking them in deep oil? Frying Brussels sprouts will make them crispy and tasty. These vegetables which a lot of people hate can be appreciated when deep fried.

Is deep frying dangerous to the health?

Deep frying has somewhat been avoided by some people recently because it has often been equated with unhealthiness. Fried foods are coated with grease and are often blamed for various medical conditions. However, if done right, deep frying a food does not make it very greasy. The temperature should be enough for the thickness of the food. At the same time, the food should not be dipped in oil for a very long time.

There is nothing wrong in eating fried foods. One just has to make sure that he consumes them in moderation. Fresh, healthy foods should take a major part in one’s daily diet.

If you love fried stuff, then you might be interested in getting a fryer. USA Equipment Direct offers quality fryers which are perfect for both commercial and residential use. The fryers are of high quality and you can use them to create wonderful and delicious fried foods.

Top 7 Advantages Of Stainless Steel Appliances

Most restaurants are using stainless steel appliances. In the past several years, more and more people have been using stainless steel appliances as well. What is it about stainless steel that makes it a great material for appliances?

• Easy to clean


Probably the best thing about stainless still is that it is very easy to clean. You only need to use a clean rag for most types of messy. Easy cleaning is one important thing that appliances should have. If you accidentally spill food or drinks over them, would not it be great if you could clean them with just a few wipes?

• Good-looking

Another great thing about stainless steel appliances is that they are good-looking. They feature a sleep, modern, and aesthetically-pleasing look. They look very clean and are perfect for your kitchen and other parts of your home. The metallic finish that stainless steel appliances feature make them very ideal for modern and futuristic kitchens. They could feature their brilliant look even after so many years.

• Germ-free

What makes stainless steel a perfect material for appliances is that they are practically germ-free. You can put food on them and you do not have to worry about your food getting contaminated with germs or bacteria. The use of stainless steel appliances as well as other stainless steel utensils helps prevent sicknesses and poisoning caused by bacteria.

• Durable

Also, appliances made from stainless steel are the ones that last for a very long time. It does not get affected by rust which is the top cause of damage among numerous home equipments. If taken care of properly, any equipment made from stainless steel can last for a life time. They could even be handed down to next generations.

• Do not affect food taste

Stainless steel appliances also do not affect the taste of food. This is because they do not have any reaction when exposed to heat and various cooking ingredients. That is why most cookware and cooking equipment these days are made from this material. Would not it be nice if you could eat food that does not taste like metal or wood?

• Affordable

Stainless steel appliances might not be the most affordable types of appliances out there. However, they have become more affordable in the recent years. One should not worry about purchasing equipment made from stainless steel. With all the benefits that one could get from it, he could definitely enjoy his money’s worth.

• Availability

As mentioned earlier, most appliances in the market these days are already made from stainless steel. That is why you will not have a hard time looking for these things. Whether you are looking for kettles, refrigerators, washing machines, and other related stuff, you would be able to purchase them in stainless steel. They are available in numerous stores and even online websites.

These are the advantages of stainless steel. If you want to purchase high quality home appliances and, you might want to consider shopping from USA Equipment Direct. USA Equipment Direct is a provider of quality stainless products as well as furniture and other equipments that you need in your home.

4 Simple Tips For Buying A Grease Trap For Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, cafeteria or any type of commercial cooking facility, a grease trap is a requirement and you need to install the device to make the facility functional. The equipment helps to prevent oils, fats, dirt and other debris from entering the city’s sewer system.

This helps to prevent overflows and blockages that often occur if the debris gets into the system. It is important to ensure that the grease trap is accessible in order to enable you to clean it frequently. There are several factors to consider when buying the trap.

1. Device location


The first thing is to determine where the grease trap will be installed. The space you have will determine the best type of device. You need to have an area that is large enough for the trap to fit and the best location is under the sink. The size of your restaurant kitchen will determine the best trap and will also determine the design that will work effectively. You need to measure the sink and consider the number of sinks to come up with an idea of the best size trap.

2. Installation method

It is important to think about the installation when shopping for the equipment. How the trap is connected will determine the functionality. Poor installation or connection can make it difficult to clean out the trap, which can cause a foul odor to come from the kitchen. Using a clean out tee that is attached to the vent can help to prevent this situation as it makes it easy to clean the trap. The storage capacity and the flow rate will determine the function.

3. Size and material

The size of the unit and the material it is made of are important considerations. There are many different designs in the market and you need to determine the best one. You can also choose a manual or automatic trap depending on your preference. Stainless steel traps are good quality and they work well for most facilities. You can also invest in a heavy-duty unit that is acid resistant and that will last long. A strong and durable unit will help to ensure that you do not have to replace the trap regularly.

4. Consider maintenance

When choosing the grease trap, you need to consider the issue of maintenance. The units need to be cleaned on a regular basis and you need to choose designs that are easy to maintain in order to save time and effort. Choose the best cleaners and make sure that your pipes do not get completely clogged before you clean them. A good cleaning agent will get rid of all the grease that clings to the pipe and this will help to keep the unit in good condition.

When you want to get a grease trap for your restaurant, you need to shop from a reputable dealer. At USA Equipment Direct, we make sure that you get exactly what you need for your facility. You can choose the design that works for you at the best price.

Choosing A Security Cage To Buy? Get The Tips Here!

If you own a restaurant, you know that there are many things to think about that go beyond the food and the furniture. You have to purchase a wide range of items that help to ensure that the restaurant functions effectively. Choosing equipment is an important decision and you need to do your homework so that you can get items that are highly functional and of good quality.

Storage is an important consideration when stocking your restaurant. If you own valued or vintage wine, security should be a top priority when it comes to storage. Fortunately, at USA Equipment Direct, we have you covered!

1. Convenient storage

When choosing security cages, one thing you have to think about is the convenience. You have to think of a unit that will secure your wine, while still being easily accessible. If you have a busy restaurant, the last thing you need is to keep the guests waiting as you look for their favorite wine. Convenience will help to ensure that you can store your bottles in numbers that are easy to maintain. The size of the cage will determine how many bottles you can store at any given time.

2. Consider the design


There are different types of cages in the market and you need to consider the design that is most appropriate for your restaurant. Apart from offering protection, the design needs to ensure comfortable storage conditions. When you choose the best design, you can keep your wine and other spirits in a cage that is aesthetically pleasing.

Design will also come into play when choosing the right size, number of shelves, color and materials. Whether you want something classic and elegant, or you want a simple old-fashioned design, you can get the equipment that will suit your style preference.

3. Restaurant style

When shopping for your restaurant, the style will determine the best equipment to install. You have to think about the size to determine the space available for your storage unit. If you have limited floor space, you need to choose a unit that will fill fit effectively, while still providing the storage that you need. You can choose a compact unit if you have limited space. You can also decide to get a unit that has wheels, if you need to move the cage around.

4. Quality equipment

To make sure that you get the best storage for your stash, you need to make sure that you buy quality products. Buying items that are of good quality will help to ensure that you get both beauty and function. The best way to ensure that you get quality is by shopping from reputable dealers.

At USA Equipment Direct, you are guaranteed of getting good quality equipment to enhance your restaurant. You can get a wine locker that will last a long time and you will not have to think about frequent replacement.

With many styles to choose from, you can get exactly what you need to suit your taste and your budget. We help to ensure that you get the option that is attractive while offering the protection that you need for your stock.

How To Boost Your Concessions Business With Hotdogs

The humble hot dog is the ultimate concession food but some vendors shy away from it in the mistaken belief that the margins are too slim or that they don’t have enough space. That’s nonsense. We’ll show you how easy it can be to add hot dogs to your existing concessions business and watch the profits roll in. Hot dogs can be cooked in a number of different ways, including grilling, steaming and boiling but most concession businesses use a grill roller to produce delicious hot dogs. The size of these machines can put a lot of vendors off, but we offer a unique solution that make the hot dog business accessible to all!

Dominate The Market With Our Combination Cooker

Our combination hot dog cooker and bun warmer is a compact yet efficient hot dog cooker and bun warmer combined in one unit. Unlike a hot roller that will take up precious counter space, our combination model is a fraction of the size yet still allows you to cook up to 36 hot dogs from frozen in just 20 minutes. If you have thought of offering your customers hot dogs but have yet to find the perfect machine, you won’t be disappointed with what we can offer! Our elegant solution lets you serve more customers while maximizing the use of your counter space.

Save Time, Space And Money


Our combination cooker warms up to 48 buns at a time so you’ll never be caught short. Not only will you be able to boost your profits by increasing your sales, you can maximize your earnings through time-saving and energy-saving measures. For example, our machine let’s you access the warm buns faster and more easily letting you serve more people. Not only is our cooker cheaper than a separate stand-alone bun warmer, it uses the heat from cooking the hot dogs which lowers your utility bills.

Attract More Customers

Some people swear that hot dogs from the ballpark taste better and while this might be down to the atmosphere, you can tap into this by offering hot dogs at your business. Our cooker is so bold and visually striking that it’s sure to entice more customers. Unlike a hot roller, our machine uses a rotating hot dog rack design which people will love! Your customers will be able to see the succulent hot dogs as they cook and will find themselves irresistibly drawn to your business. Our combination hot dog cooker is the perfect way to boost your revenue by attracting more customers.

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Hot Dog Broiler & Bun Warmer HD-1700 C.Cretors & Co

We pride ourselves on the highest quality construction, so an investment in one of our hot dog cookers will last a lifetime. Our case has tempered safety glass windows for added safety and it’s all manufactured here in the USA. If you are looking to boost the revenues of your concession business, a combination hot dog cooker won’t go unnoticed by your customers. Sure, it’s doesn’t have the capacity of a hot roller cooker but its quality will shine through. It will take pride of place on your counter top and instill confidence in your customers. Call us today for a no-obligation quote and see what our equipment can do for you!

How To Explode Your Concession Business’ Revenues With Popcorn

We offer the finest quality popcorn making machines so we think we know a thing or two about making money from popcorn. We’ve got years of experience of helping concession vendors boost their revenue through offering popcorn. Simply put, nothing has the profit margins of popcorn. Just a few cents of corn can have a thousand per cent mark up when sold as fresh, hot popcorn. Despite this, not all vendors offer popcorn in the mistaken belief that the machines are too large, popcorn is too hard to get right or there are too few customers. We have solutions for all of these issues, so read on for sure-fire ways to maximize your profit with popcorn!

Maximum Profits, Minimum Counter Space


Our 8 oz popcorn machine is made right here in the USA and can pop up to 150 1oz servings per hour. Its built-in warmer tray draws customers to view the freshly-cooked popcorn through the thick and scratch-resistant tempered glass sides. With this kind of output from a small table-top device, it’s a total myth that you need to designate a large proportion of your available space in order to get quality popcorn. You can dramatically increase your revenue with a compact popcorn machine without taking space away from your other lines.

Popped To Perfection

Some vendors have tried popcorn but found it too hard to create perfect fluffy corns every time. It’s true that there are variables involved when cooking popcorn but we’ve got you covered. By using pre-measured bags of quality corn and the proper amount of oil, our popcorn machine delivers highly consistent, reliable heat and agitation to give your customers delicious popcorn every time. Our machine keeps the reject rate low and even has a reject tray to ensure that your customer’s aren’t left with un-popped kernels when they buy from you. Adding a line of quality popcorn to your business will enhance your brand appeal and foster a sense of trust between you and your customers.

Boost Your Business With Colored Popcorn


If you’ve tried popcorn before but found little demand for it, we have the perfect solution to entice you into giving it another shot! Our machines have built in warming trays with lamps that draw attention to the cooked popcorn. You can maximize the appeal by branching out into colored popcorn – it’s easier than you think. Whatever the date or occasion and wherever your location, you can tie in the color of your popcorn to draw more customers to your business. It’s easy to add color-popcorn salt or corn treat mixes to have popcorn that will draw people’s attention. Besides red on Valentine’s day or green on St. Patrick’s day, our machines make batches so quickly you could have red, blue and white (plain) for the 4th of July.

Let’s Get Popping?

There’s never been a better time to add popcorn to expand your concessions business. Call us today and speak to one of our experienced representatives who will help you choose the perfect machine for your business.

Top Reasons To Buy A Two Compartment Sink

A kitchen is only as good as its sink. Without the proper sink, a kitchen could end up with piles of dirty dishes. This would disrupt the functioning in the kitchen and affect the level of hygiene and efficiency achieved.

Two compartment sink, as the name clearly indicates, is a sink that features two compartments, each can be used independently. This piece of kitchen equipment is ideal for kitchens that are busy, and see a lot of traffic. By investing in it you can clean a lot of dishes and fresh ingredients such as meat and vegetables, without interruption.

The sink is available in several sizes and can be chosen based on the requirements of your kitchen. Some such sinks have two drain ports, while others have a single drain port. The former option is preferred by most buyers as each compartment has its own drain port. This would make sure that the water is drained out quickly from each compartment, without interfering with the functioning of the other.

Tips on how to use the sink


The sink with two compartments finds a vital and important place in the kitchens of restaurants, bakeries, banquet halls and delis. At such locations it is imperative that dishes are cleaned efficiently and quickly. One can fill one sink with soapy water and one with clean water. Using such a cleaning system works will streamline the process, and ensure that the dishes are washed spotlessly clean and in minimal time.

By choosing to use such kitchen fittings you can also ensure that two people can simultaneously wash at the sink. This will bring down the time required to complete the task. It also ensures that the establishment always has clean dishes, even during peak hours. The sink will also ensure that the kitchen is kept in a hygienic state at all times and free of loads of dirty dishes.

The sink can also be used in versatile ways. For instance one compartment of the sink can be used to wash fresh ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and meat. The second compartment can be dedicated to cleaning dishes, pots and pans.

How to choose a sink


There are many brands that offer sinks with two compartments. There are some crucial details that you need to check before you make your choice.

• The sink should be able to take the weight and pressure of the dishes as well as the flowing water. Most manufacturers prefer to use steel and cast iron to craft such sinks. This makes them tough and durable.

• The size of the sink should be suitable for your kitchen and the amount of cleaning that would be done on a daily basis.

• You would also need to choose appropriate faucets to match the sink.

Some homeowners may also like to invest in such a sink, in order to facilitate better and efficient cleaning of dishes. When you have chosen the right sink for your kitchen you also need to invest in a sink grid that will protect the walls and the sink against damage.

How To Choose The Best Stainless Kitchen Cabinet

Having a beautiful home means having a kitchen that is fully-functional. Nowadays kitchens do not just have to have the best features when it comes to functionality they also have to be designed in such a way that will fit the look of your entire home. If you are in the process of re-modeling your home or building your first home and you want to have a fantastic kitchen to go along with it, there are some things that you will need to consider first before making any decisions.

How to get started on the selection process?


The first thing that you need to figure out is exactly how big of a space do you have for your kitchen. Then do your research on which contractors or designers you are going to sign up with for the project. The best form of advertisement is word of mouth so make sure that you go for contractors who came highly recommended by your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, or family. Spend some time to shop around in your favorite home and appliance stores or check the internet for ideas. How do you narrow down your choices? Ask yourself the following questions:

- What is your budget?

- What look or design do you want to go with? Are you planning on going country style? Or are you thinking of going along the lines of contemporary, modern and minimalistic?

How do you make sure that they are of great quality?


Look for products that are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. Products affiliated by this organization follow certain standards therefore you are assured that your cabinets will stand the test of time, exposure to humidity, and even damage from food that are kitchen staples such as ketchup, juices, coffee, and vinegar.

Where can you find the best products?

If you are looking for top of the line stainless kitchen cabinet then you should check out products from Cavendish Equipment. Established in 1967, this company has been the industry leader in manufacturing the best kitchen equipment whether they are meant for home or for commercial use. They manufacture a wide range of products such as worktops, splashbacks and cabinets. The best thing about this company is that they also customize cabinets so that they suit your taste, style, and the look of your home. Their products are also very easy to assemble because they are pre-assembled and will only require bolting.

You might also want to check out Lasertron. This company is special for a number of reasons. First is that they will work hand in hand with your designer to deliver that unique, high quality, long-lasting cabinet that will be truly worth your investment. The brilliant minds working behind Lasertron will even help you add art works and patterns to make your cabinet truly your own.

So before deciding on which product to go to make sure that you have already considered all the facts. Remember that quality should be your top priority and great customer service from your supplier is something that you would want to invest on.