4 Simple Tips For Buying A Grease Trap For Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, cafeteria or any type of commercial cooking facility, a grease trap is a requirement and you need to install the device to make the facility functional. The equipment helps to prevent oils, fats, dirt and other debris from entering the city’s sewer system.

This helps to prevent overflows and blockages that often occur if the debris gets into the system. It is important to ensure that the grease trap is accessible in order to enable you to clean it frequently. There are several factors to consider when buying the trap.

1. Device location


The first thing is to determine where the grease trap will be installed. The space you have will determine the best type of device. You need to have an area that is large enough for the trap to fit and the best location is under the sink. The size of your restaurant kitchen will determine the best trap and will also determine the design that will work effectively. You need to measure the sink and consider the number of sinks to come up with an idea of the best size trap.

2. Installation method

It is important to think about the installation when shopping for the equipment. How the trap is connected will determine the functionality. Poor installation or connection can make it difficult to clean out the trap, which can cause a foul odor to come from the kitchen. Using a clean out tee that is attached to the vent can help to prevent this situation as it makes it easy to clean the trap. The storage capacity and the flow rate will determine the function.

3. Size and material

The size of the unit and the material it is made of are important considerations. There are many different designs in the market and you need to determine the best one. You can also choose a manual or automatic trap depending on your preference. Stainless steel traps are good quality and they work well for most facilities. You can also invest in a heavy-duty unit that is acid resistant and that will last long. A strong and durable unit will help to ensure that you do not have to replace the trap regularly.

4. Consider maintenance

When choosing the grease trap, you need to consider the issue of maintenance. The units need to be cleaned on a regular basis and you need to choose designs that are easy to maintain in order to save time and effort. Choose the best cleaners and make sure that your pipes do not get completely clogged before you clean them. A good cleaning agent will get rid of all the grease that clings to the pipe and this will help to keep the unit in good condition.

When you want to get a grease trap for your restaurant, you need to shop from a reputable dealer. At USA Equipment Direct, we make sure that you get exactly what you need for your facility. You can choose the design that works for you at the best price.

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