A Look At Deep Frying As One Of The Best Cooking Methods

Deep frying is one of the most popular cooking methods out there. People just could not get enough of fried foods. There are so many types of food that could be deep-fried. Here are some examples.

• Chicken


Everybody loves fried chicken. In fact, deep frying is the best way to cook chicken meat. People all over the world have their own fried chicken recipes. Most of these recipes have been handed down from previous generations and are kept secret from the public.

• Beignet

Another popular deep fried food is what people refer to as the beignet. It is a wonderful dessert that is perfect after a hearty and satisfying meal. Beignets are made from fried dough and are topped with sugar. Sometimes, other ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, and even meat are added.

• Shrimp

Any lover of seafood would find it impossible to ignore fried shrimp. Shrimp is very tasty and it is even made tastier by frying it. Shrimp is loaded with vitamin D, zinc, protein and other nutrients although too much of eat could also trigger allergic reactions.

• Pickles

Pickles have always been great treats as well as great additions to sandwiches and salads. Fried pickles anyone? Who could have guessed that pickles would feature a different yet equally amazing taste once they have been fried?

• Churros

Churros are what people usually refer to as Spanish doughnuts and are very popular all over the world. These fried pastries go well with coffee and hot chocolate and that is why they are popular as breakfast foods.

• Fried oysters

Oysters are also popular seafood treats and eating at a seafood restaurant without ordering oysters is somehow unacceptable. Fried oysters taste very delicious especially if they are made with great-tasting breading.

• Brussels sprouts

Do you have a hard time eating nutritious Brussels sprouts? Why not consider cooking them in deep oil? Frying Brussels sprouts will make them crispy and tasty. These vegetables which a lot of people hate can be appreciated when deep fried.

Is deep frying dangerous to the health?

Deep frying has somewhat been avoided by some people recently because it has often been equated with unhealthiness. Fried foods are coated with grease and are often blamed for various medical conditions. However, if done right, deep frying a food does not make it very greasy. The temperature should be enough for the thickness of the food. At the same time, the food should not be dipped in oil for a very long time.

There is nothing wrong in eating fried foods. One just has to make sure that he consumes them in moderation. Fresh, healthy foods should take a major part in one’s daily diet.

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