Reflecting On Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Wall Dish Cabinet w Hinged Doors

Stainless steel is also known as onox, borrowing from the French word “inoxydable”, and is nothing more than a steel alloy where the chromium content by mass is not less than 10.5%. It does not readily stain with water nor does it corrode or rust. For many professionals in the food and restaurant business it is also something barely short of perfection. Let us have a closer reflection on what it all means.

Coming to you with a rather short history

The most famous piece from the days of yore that survived the ravages of rust is the Iron Pillar of Delhi that was erected about 1,600 years ago. This was mainly due to a high phosphorous content. Introducing iron-chromium alloys started off in 1821 in France who remarked on their resistance to corrosion and recommended it for use in cutlery. It took another 90 years for austenitic stainless steel to be patented in Germany and 7 more years for the patent of martensitic stainless steel to be granted in the U.S.A. (The difference between the two types lies in the crystalline structure in case there is a requirement for it to be crystal clear). At the same time England was also marching forward on the stainless steel front but its research centered on using it in gun-barrels

What makes it such a good choice?

The everlasting truth about stainless steel is that it’s practically indestructible. It is heat and rust resistant and it doesn’t fade or chip. It is manufactured to industrial strength levels and built to last a business’ lifetime. Because it is non-porous stainless steel is extremely hygienic. Its smooth surface has no grooves for dirt to accumulate and bacteria to grow in. Stainless steel has found its way not only into restaurants and food processing plants but also into hospitals. Another prized quality is that stainless steel is very easy to clean. In the current increasing trend of transparency in restaurants and canteens, where diners prefer to have at least glimpses of food preparation, using stainless steel provides a professional and sophisticated atmosphere through its clean and industrial appearance.

Its move from industry into trendy homes

The current trend when it comes to home design is to have contemporary interiors. Home owners prefer unorthodox designs that contain clean lines within geometric patterns. There is a sweep towards minimalist designs that emphasize functionality requiring less cleaning and maintenance. Wherever stainless steel is introduced it lends a sophisticated and elegant shine. From initially being considered very expensive stainless steel nowadays, thanks in the main to mass production due to its wide acceptance in the restaurant and food industry, has become affordable and many homeowners see it as a worthwhile investment.

Stainless steel has had a remarkable journey into the kitchen. The well-informed that also agree with preserving the environment easily accept stainless steel as it is mostly recyclable. Little wonder that those that prepare food on a large scale look towards stainless steel as the preferred material for kitchen cabinets.

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