Top Reasons To Buy A Two Compartment Sink

A kitchen is only as good as its sink. Without the proper sink, a kitchen could end up with piles of dirty dishes. This would disrupt the functioning in the kitchen and affect the level of hygiene and efficiency achieved.

Two compartment sink, as the name clearly indicates, is a sink that features two compartments, each can be used independently. This piece of kitchen equipment is ideal for kitchens that are busy, and see a lot of traffic. By investing in it you can clean a lot of dishes and fresh ingredients such as meat and vegetables, without interruption.

The sink is available in several sizes and can be chosen based on the requirements of your kitchen. Some such sinks have two drain ports, while others have a single drain port. The former option is preferred by most buyers as each compartment has its own drain port. This would make sure that the water is drained out quickly from each compartment, without interfering with the functioning of the other.

Tips on how to use the sink


The sink with two compartments finds a vital and important place in the kitchens of restaurants, bakeries, banquet halls and delis. At such locations it is imperative that dishes are cleaned efficiently and quickly. One can fill one sink with soapy water and one with clean water. Using such a cleaning system works will streamline the process, and ensure that the dishes are washed spotlessly clean and in minimal time.

By choosing to use such kitchen fittings you can also ensure that two people can simultaneously wash at the sink. This will bring down the time required to complete the task. It also ensures that the establishment always has clean dishes, even during peak hours. The sink will also ensure that the kitchen is kept in a hygienic state at all times and free of loads of dirty dishes.

The sink can also be used in versatile ways. For instance one compartment of the sink can be used to wash fresh ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and meat. The second compartment can be dedicated to cleaning dishes, pots and pans.

How to choose a sink


There are many brands that offer sinks with two compartments. There are some crucial details that you need to check before you make your choice.

• The sink should be able to take the weight and pressure of the dishes as well as the flowing water. Most manufacturers prefer to use steel and cast iron to craft such sinks. This makes them tough and durable.

• The size of the sink should be suitable for your kitchen and the amount of cleaning that would be done on a daily basis.

• You would also need to choose appropriate faucets to match the sink.

Some homeowners may also like to invest in such a sink, in order to facilitate better and efficient cleaning of dishes. When you have chosen the right sink for your kitchen you also need to invest in a sink grid that will protect the walls and the sink against damage.

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