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Commercial 12 Burner 72'HD Gas Range Therma-Tek TMD72-12-2
Commercial 12 Burner 72'HD Gas Range Therma-Tek TMD72-12-2

Heavy-Duty Restaurant 12-Burner Commercial Gas Range Model TMD72-12-2 by Therma-Tek UL, CE, NSF-4


Product Description 

The Therma-Tek TMDS72 is a 72" heavy-duty gas range with up to two full size ovens accepting 18” x 26” sheet pans in either direction. The oven is heated by a heavy duty, straight tube burner, and it can have up to 12 lift off, cast iron, open top burners, with individual top grates for each burner. It can also have up to 72" of 0.625" thick griddle plate. In fact, this unit can be completely customized with hot tops, griddles, charbroilers, and more. You can even replace the oven in the bottom of the range for a cabinet base at a deducted cost. From top to bottom, this range has been constructed with Therma-Tek's signature: quality and strength. It has complete stainless steel exterior preventing rust and corrosion, and heavy duty channel grate supports, which add frame strength.

Standard Features
- 6" adjustable legs
- Gas pressure regulator
- Back High shelf comes standard. Replace with 10" or 17" backguard for no charge.
- All stainless steel exterior including single deck high shelf.

- Front valve panel is a separate piece that is easily removable, for easy maintenance.
- The knobs are made of glass-filled polyester with a light orange peel texture that remain cool to the touch.
- 5” fully flush landing ledge for extra work space.
- Welded angle front frame for superior durability.
- Heavy duty channel grate supports provide added structural frame strength.

- Heavy duty, two piece, cast-iron, open top burners.
- Heavy duty, 12” x 12” cast-iron, half-grates; fully leveled for easy pan sliding.
- One fully-concealed standing pilot, centered between front and rear burners. Burners light within seconds with the aid of 304 stainless steel flash-tubes.
- Controlled by a brass valve with infinite adjustment.

- 0.625” thick steel plate highly polished griddle.
- Comes with a 3” stainless steel grease trough.
- Griddles come in 12" increments.
- 21.5" working depth.
- Spatula width grease trough.

- Heavy gauge welded frame construction.
- Aluminized oven interior. Porcelain inner door panel and removable oven bottom.
- Oven dimensions 26.25” wide, 27” deep, 14.3” high
- Oven can be converted to Convection Oven (optional)

- Removable chrome plated oven side racks.
- One chrome plated oven rack.
- Ribbed oven door for added strength.
- Thermostat is adjustable from 150° F to 500° F
- Heavy duty straight tube burner (27,000 BTU/hr)
- Push button spark igniter for pilot.

Commercial 12 Burner 72"HD Gas Range Therma-Tek TMD72-12-2

Part Number: TMD72-12-2
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