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  6. Nemco Easy FryKutter 8 Sec. Wedge 55450-8
Nemco Easy FryKutter 8 Sec. Wedge 55450-8
Nemco Easy FryKutter 8 Sec. Wedge 55450-8

Model #: 55450-8


Easy FryKutter™

Easy FryKutter for wedge fries uses an exclusive short throw handle and superior engineering to improve leverage for smooth, easy cutting or wedging in just one stroke. Works with natural body motion to eliminate awkward stretching and reduce operator fatigue. Built to last under the toughest day-to-day conditions. Slide-in, slide-out wall bracket fits the same mounting holes as most other machines.

Industrial Fry Cutter Key Features

  • Labor Saving
  • Time Saving (chop an onion, potato, pepper in less then 5 seconds)
  • Consistent cut size for portion control
  • Versatile: 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch square cut or 4-sec., 6-sec., 8-sec. wedger kit
  • 3 1/4-inch square cutting area
  • Blade & holder assembly easily replaceable
  • Fixed or removable with wall bracket
  • Ergonomic designed handle for ease in operation


**Liftgate and other accessorials are extra charges.

Nemco Easy FryKutter 8 Sec. Wedge 55450-8

Part Number: 55450-8
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