Security cages are a versatile storage solution. Restaurants and food businesses must own one or two of these cages, as they are very helpful in keeping valuable food and stock in a safe place. As the name suggests, security cages provide just enough security to protect the valuables that you have from theft or loss. In restaurants, these cages are mostly used to store wines and other foodstuff that must be stored at room temperature. They usually have shelving and stainless steel or aluminum caging that protects the contents inside. Most of these will have caster wheels for mobility.

Another great use for security cages includes transporting goods from one place to another. The food is safely placed on the shelves within the cage, locked in place. There are actually many types of these available on the market. Some have only one shelf while others have multiple levels. Security cages are essential for restaurants as it helps make things easier to deal with. Those especially built for kitchens are tamperproof and most would have screens rather than vertical bars to ensure food or small items do not slip out of the cage. They also have commercial locks that are practically pickproof.

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