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  6. Grease Trap 40 lb Smith Interceptor (800-Y03-20)
Grease Trap 40 lb Smith Interceptor (800-Y03-20)
Grease Trap 40 lb Smith Interceptor (800-Y03-20)

Grease Trap Capacity 40 Lb 20 GPM JR Smith 800-Y03-20

Product Description: Recommended for removing, then retaining fat, oil, and grease from waste water in kitchen and restaurant areas where food is prepared. The Jr Smith 800 grease interceptor is constructed of coated corrosion-resistant fabricated steel with no-hub connections and separate no-hub flow control; a one-piece removable baffle; diamond plate, non-skid cover; and a unique, combination cover locking/lifting device.
Features and Benefits:
• Slip-resistant diamond plate cover
• Designed to be installed in above-the-floor installations or recessed where space is limited
• One piece removable baffle assembly
• Combination cover locking/lifting device
• Constructed of fabricated steel, corrosion-resistant coated
• Regularly furnished with no-hub inlet and outlet, threaded available
• IAPMO Listed, File No. 2697 and C-3878
Inlet 3"
Length Left to Right-  19"
Width Front to Back-  20"
Height Top to Bottom- 16-3/4"
Bottom to center of Inlet  12-3/4"
Weight- 104 lbs

Grease Trap 40 lb Smith Interceptor (800-Y03-20)

Part Number: 800-Y03-20
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