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Grease Trap capacity 250 LBS Ashland (APGI-100)
Grease Trap capacity 250 LBS Ashland (APGI-100)

Ashland Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap Model #: APGI-100

Specifications of Ashland Model #: APGI-100
* Flow Rate: 100 g.p.m.
* Grease / Sludge Capacity: 250 lbs
* Approximate Weight: 200 lbs
* Standard Inlet / Outlet: 4"
* Liquid Holding Capacity: 125 gallons

The Ashland APGI Series Interceptor is designed to separate grease, oils, fats and other sediment from large Commercial and Industrial sources. Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the APGI series interceptor is lightweight, cost efficient, extremely durable and corrosion free. Non skid 3/4” poly covers are standard, but all units are available with steel non-skid tread plates and optional recessed handles for traffic areas. The HDPE construction is acid resistant and solids do not easily adhere to the smooth walls, making cleaning effortless.

Grease Trap capacity 250 LBS Ashland (APGI-100)

Part Number: APGI-100
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