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Iwatani Portable Butane Gas Grill IW-G-STATION-GREEN
Iwatani Portable Butane Gas Grill IW-G-STATION-GREEN

Iwatani Portable Butane Gas Grill IW-G-STATION-GREEN

Part Number: G-STATION-GR
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Legs and wheels fold up on this commercial grade gas grill for EASY setup and removable grates provide FAST clean up. GREEN COLOR



  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Portable
  • Professional Quality

1. Grill
Equipped with a quality grill, it can cook even a thick slice of meat with powerful heat.

1. Grill

2. Griddle
A non-stick coating makes care easy. The pan is versatile cookware that can be used for making stir-fried noodles as a hot plate or cooking sukiyaki as a shallow pot.

2. Griddle

3. Stove Top Burners.
It is equipped with two burners. Each burner Produces 10,000 BTU/hr of cooking power.

3. Stove Top Burners.

Three interchangeble plates allow you to cook multiple ways at the same time.
• Boil water while you Stir Fry noodles. 
• Grill Salmon while you Sautee Vegetables. 
• Cook a soup while you grill a steak. When finished cooking, 
 plates can be removed and washed in the sink in a matter of minutes.


Butane Fuel Powered.

Butane Fuel Powered.

Two burners are powered by small, Light weight 8oz butane canisters.

20,000 BTU/hr

20,000 BTU/hr

Maximum heating power is 20,000 BTU/hr (10,000BTUx2)

Heat Panel System

Heat Panel System

lwatani System maintains constant pressure as fuel is being consumed, providing the maximum and consistent output for the life of entire fuel canister. It also allows the stove to utilize the entire can of butane leaving no residual fuel, assuring greater economy and safety.

Battery Powered Spark Ignition

Battery Powered Spark Ignition

Smooth and certain ignition is enabled by continuously releasing sparks at ignition.*
*Uses two C-size alkali batteries supplied with the product for ignition.

Flame Failure Sensor

Flame Failure Sensor

The gas supply will be automatically discontinued and a buzzer will sound when the fire is extinguished by liquid boiling over or a strong wind.

Magnetic Locking System

Magnetic Locking System

This lwatani System feature replaces locking levers. Simply push the fuel can onto the magnet and it locks in safely making it virtually impossible to load fuel can incorrectly.


1. Release the latch lock, press the handle for moving with your foot and hold the handle of the main body with your hand.


2. Lift the main body while pulling it up until it is standing completely vertical.


3. Fasten the main body by latching the hook under the main body on the upper side of the leg.


4. Make sure that the main body is securely fastened


Model name G-STATION
Model number IW-G-STATION Si/Gr/Or/Go
Ignition Type Continuous spark ignition
Max external dimensions(in use) 40.5"/1029mm(W) x 20.8"/528mm(L) x 47.8"(H)/1213mm
Body weight Appox. 48.5lbs/21.9kg(with the two C-size alkaline batteries and without butane canister)
Output(gas consumption) 10,000 BTU/h x 2 at temperature 68-77˚F/20-25℃
Continuous combustion With Iwatani Butane Fuel:Appox. 72 minutes per burner [Maximum heating power and new canister used up. Temperature 68-77˚F/20-25℃]
Fuel to be used Butane Fuel (8oz)


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