Are you planning to install a sink on your home? Do you really know what sort of sink you wish to get installed? I am sure you do but here are a few quick facts describing the functionalities of different kinds of sinks that may miss out your attention.

There are basically three kinds of sinks: a hand sink—which is usually installed in bathrooms for washing hands, a pre sink—which is more or less installed in labs and lastly, a kitchen sink—which is always installed in kitchens for washing dishes. Hand sinks are more elaborate in design and craft, a prep sink is grounded in functionality and a kitchen is all about functioning efficiently.

The three different kinds of sinks have varying number of compartments: a hand sink has only one compartment, prep has one too but a kitchen sink has 3 compartments. Although, kitchen sinks are 3 compartments but they are inferior to prep and hand sinks in terms of aesthetics. Such sinks are made for functionality and time efficiency. 3 compartment sinks are usually installed in cafes and restaurants as they enable reducing the time spent on washing and sanitizing the dishes.

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