Most people have no idea what a grease trap is. If we were to definite it, we could simply say that it is a receptacle usually located in a kitchen that will be installed in order to have wastewater flow through it before entering sanitary sewer lines. Just as the name implies, the receptacle is going to capture the grease that will flow through it. The principle behind the grease trap is incredibly simple and anyone can understand it.

Grease basically means a combination of vegetable oil and animal fat. This will always have a density that is lighter than water and it will never be able to combine with it. Grease will flow on water because of this and when the wastewater will go through the grease trap, the oil and the grease will ruse to the surface of the device. This will trap it because the receptacle will use a baffle system. Oil and grease that are capture will be trapped and the water that is going to go through the trap will keep flowing into sanitary sewer lines. When much grease is accumulated, the trap will need to be cleaned so that it will be usable in the future.

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