Sinks are generally used to wash the dishes and the hands. We usually have three types of sinks depending on the number of basins that the sinks have. A two compartment sink has two basins and it’s mainly designed for use in the kitchen. We also have sinks with either one or two basins. Those that have a single basin are usually used for washing hands and mainly found in the toilets and bathrooms .They are made of different materials such as ceramic, marble, glass, glass, wood, among other materials. The three basins types are mainly used for kitchens together with the two compartment types. They are divided into three to make the work easier when washing dishes as you have a basin to wash in another one for rising and the sanitizing one.

In most cases the two compartment sink is usually portable and has plastic stands. This ensures that you can use them anywhere within the kitchen or you can take them out if the need demands. The plastic stands are adjustable and hence you can set within your height to be comfortable while working. They are usually made of stainless steel. They are the best for the comfort when working in the kitchen.

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