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  6. ProCut KG-22W-XP 220V 1-ph Meat Grinder 2 HP #22
ProCut KG-22W-XP 220V 1-ph Meat Grinder 2 HP #22
ProCut KG-22W-XP 220V 1-ph Meat Grinder 2 HP #22

Pro-Cut KG-22W-XP Meat Grinder is the best choice for your grinding and chopping needs. KG-22W and KG-22W-XP are so advanced they don’t require washers to internally protect their gear transmissions. Also, their handle design allows for an effortless headstock removal.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Pan Size: 30.2" x 16.1" x 3.3"H
  • High Capacity Head
  • Gear Transmission designed for long working hours
  • 2 HP motor, 220V, 1-ph
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Designed for on-demand frequent use by butcher shops and supermarkets

• Provides the highest quality available at the most affordable price on the market 
• When buying a Pro-Cut product you can be sure that complies with the highest quality standards and offers the most efficient equipment performance 
• The KG-22W-XP will decrease your prep time and also save you money by lowering your electric bill.
• It handles way more things than only fatty meat

• The Pro-Cut KG-22W-XP Restaurant Meat Grinder will give you all the performance that you require without taking too much space, the flexibility of using a dozen different plates for different dishes, and the longevity to maximize your investment. 

• The best grinder for restaurants, hunters, catering services, hospitals, cafeterias that can’t afford to waste a second while requiring a quality machine at an affordable price.

Safety & Sanitation: Conforms to NSF-8, UL std 763, CAN/CSA Std C22.2, NOM, CE
Accessories: Knife, 3/16 plate and stomper (included)

ENGINE  2 HP / 1490 Watts
VOLTS  220, HZ 60, 1-ph
MATERIAL Stainless Steel

ProCut KG-22W-XP 220V 1-ph Meat Grinder 2 HP #22

Part Number: KG-22W-XP
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