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4 Burner Custom Wok
4 Burner Custom Wok

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ACE's custom-designed 3-Burner Chinese Wok Range Series are engineered to meet chef's applications in unique oriental style of cooking such as "Canton", "Szechwan" or "Shanghai".
The unit is all welded in heavy gauge steel frame construction with high quality stainless exterior, stovetop and high backsplash for rugged durability.

Available burner selections and chamber sizes for our wok ranges are designed to meet individual chef's cooking demands whether in fast or slow cook style and in high volume cooking.
The commercial 4-burner wok range can be customized for any combination of open burners and different wok chamber sizes.

ACE's Chinese Industrial Wok Range Series are CSA Certified and NSF Approved.
We've served the needs of thousands of Oriental Restaurants for over 20 Years

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel top, back, side and front panel
  •  front drain tunnel(Optional Back Drain For Additional Cost)
  • Water fall backsplash with Water-Cooled Top only as an option.
  • Manually controlled faucet
  • Stainless steel waste basket
  • Galvanized drip pan


  • Automatic faucet
  • Conversion adapter
  • Opening for oil pan
  • AGA safety valve
  • Stainless steel drip pan

Burner Options:

  • Jet Burner:
    • 23 tip 100,000 btu/hr
    • 32 tip 160,000 btu/hr
  • Duck Mount Burner:
  • 18 tip 125,000 btu/hr
  • 20 tip 9” 130,000 btu/hr
  • 20 tip 10” 160,000 btu/hr
  • 35,000 btu/hr
  • 90,000 btu/hr
  • Jet Speed Burner:
  • 2 Ring Burner:
  • 3 Ring Burner:

30 days warranty for burners. 

90 days for all other parts.

No warranty for improper installation, adjustment and/or modifications.


4 Burner Custom Wok

Part Number: ARE-4
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