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  6. 50lb Gas Deep Fryer Imperial Range Open Pot IFS-50-OP
50lb Gas Deep Fryer Imperial Range Open Pot IFS-50-OP
50lb Gas Deep Fryer Imperial Range Open Pot IFS-50-OP

Imperial Range IFS-50-OP Specifications

Imperial provides as standard many of the optional upgrades normally offered at a premium on other fryer lines. The new Imperial gas fryer look features a stainless steel front, door, sides, and basket hanger as standard. To complete this professional look, Imperial welds the stainless steel seams and edges so the open deep fryer looks as good as it performs.

Burners located outside the frypot
- Flame heats stainless steel plates located strategically outside of the frypot
- Intense heat rapidly heats stainless steel sides and oil inside
- 140,000 BTU (41 KW) total gas output
- No tube fired burners and no air shutter adjustments needed
- Snap acting thermostat has a 200° F - 400° F (93° C-204° C) temperature range
- Heats oil quickly
- Extends oil life producing a uniformly cooked product
- 100% safety shut-off valve
Open frypot design
- Easy to clean both the fry area and deep cold zone
- Radius formed edges are easy-to-clean
- Large heat transfer area
- Deep cold zone captures and holds particles out of the fry area
- 14" x 14" (356 x 356 mm) frying area
- Frypot has a 50 lb. (27 L) oil capacity
Precision welded frypots
- Radius formed edges precision welded robotically on the outside of the frypot for accuracy and consistency
- Virtually eliminates leaks
Exterior features
- Stainless steel exterior, except back
- Stainless steel frypot
- Large nickel-plated fry baskets
- Vinyl-coated basket handle
- Fine mesh crumb screen
- Full heat shield behind control panel
- Double panel door
- Recessed bottom for drain accessibility
- 1-1/4" (32 mm) full port drain valve
- Full bottom structural support
- Plate mounted legs


50lb Gas Deep Fryer Imperial Range Open Pot IFS-50-OP

Part Number: IFS-50-OP
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