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75 lb Gas Deep Fryer Imperial Range IFS-75
75 lb Gas Deep Fryer Imperial Range IFS-75

Imperial Range IFS-75 Specifications

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The IFS-75 Imperial gas deep fryer, with its broad 18" x 18" cooking area, is ideally suited for frying products such as chicken or fish. The larger cool zone of the IFS-75 fryer makes it an excellent choice for cooking heavily breaded products such as chicken wings. Remove the fry basket and the IFS-75 deep gas fryer becomes a bulk fryer for products such as tortilla chips. Consider the IFS-75 industrial gas deep fryer when a high volume of french fries output is desired, yet space with not allow for two 40 or 50 lb fryers. Each twin fry basket that is included with the IFS-75 fryer measures 17 1/4" L x8 1/2" W x 6" H.



- Large heat transfer area heats oil quickly
- Produces a better tasting product 
- Less oil absorption
- Fast recovery to desired temperature
- 175,000 BTU (51 KW) total output
Large cool zone
- Captures particles
- Holds particles out of the fry zone
- Reduces taste transfer
- Frypot has a 75 lb. (41 L) oil capacity
Precision welded frypots
- Virtually eliminates leaks
Exterior features
- Stainless steel exterior, except back
- Stainless steel frypot
- Large nickel-plated fry baskets
- Vinyl-coated basket handle
- Fine mesh crumb screen
- Full heat shield behind control panel
- Double panel door
- Recessed bottom for drain accessibility
- 1-1/4" (32 mm) full port drain valve
- Full bottom structural support
- Plate mounted legs


This item comes with a limited one year parts and labor warranty.


75 lb Gas Deep Fryer Imperial Range IFS-75

Part Number: IFS-75
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