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  6. Fagor CO-502W Under Counter High Temp Dish Washer Med Production
Fagor CO-502W Under Counter High Temp Dish Washer Med Production
Fagor CO-502W Under Counter High Temp Dish Washer Med Production


High temp Fagor dishwasher - Undercounter
30 racks per hour.
Standard rack size 20” x 20”
Functions and Benefits
Fagor’s Concept range of dishwashers combines features and
benefits that only high-end ranges are offering, becoming in a
product easy to use and efficient, with the most effective and robust
technology prepared for the strongest usage of the market. Built in
durable stainless steel with electromechanical components and
simple digital controls with temperature display for a user-friendly
• Effi Wash: Optimized hydraulic system provides a strong
mechanical action combined with the optimum clean water
in the tank. Balanced power keeps the perfect sanitation
temperature during the cycle of the wash.
• Soft Start: Wash-pump power control that prevents wares from
damage at the beginning of the washing cycle while assuring a
low noise level.
• Hot water assurance: Working in series with the booster
heater, this relay insures the timer will not advance to the rinse
cycle until the sanitation temperature of the rinse water (180 °F)
is met.
• Digital Controls: Simple digital control panel with temperature
display for intuitive and user-friendly operation, IPX-4 proof.
• This unit is designed to be used as a Glasswasher or Dishwasher.
• New stainless steel body structure with stamped design (wash
tank, rack guides, control panel..), made to resist strong usage.
• AISI-304 Stainless steel double wash/rinsing arms and tray filters.
• Higher clearance: 15 1/4”.
• Rock counterbalanced door. Double spring and stainless steel
hinge system tested to resist the strongest usage. Safe 3 step
open system: remove steam (1), check rack (2), and remove/
place rack (3).
• IPX4 - Stronger protection against water hose cleaning and
external humidity.
• Multi-connection box: Conveniently located electrical box for
easy access that improves maintenance and allows for multitension.
• Built-in detergent, rinse and drain pumps.
• Built-in pressure gauge.
High temp dishwasher - Undercounter
Commercial under counter dishwasher CO-502W
• Racks for dishes, glasses and trays
• Cutlery containers and grids
• 6” & 16” high base stands
• Drain tempering valve
Dimensions: W x D x H 23 5/8” x 23 5/8” x 32 3/4”
Weight : net/crated (lbs) 132 / 170
Voltage 208-230V/1Ph/60Hz
Total Power 3.5 KW
Wash pump (HP ) 3/4


Fagor CO-502W Under Counter High Temp Dish Washer Med Production

Part Number: CO-502W
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