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  6. Grease Trap 14 lb 7 GPM Lil Max by Mifab w 2" Inlet MI-G-1-PL
Grease Trap 14 lb 7 GPM Lil Max by Mifab w 2' Inlet MI-G-1-PL
Grease Trap 14 lb 7 GPM Lil Max by Mifab w 2' Inlet MI-G-1-PL

Plastic Grease Trap 14 lb 7 GPM Lil Max by Mifab w 2" Inlet MI-G-1-PL Heavy Duty Commercial Grade

  • Removable baffle assembly
  • Deep seal trap covered by lid
  • Sewer gas stopper
  • Securing latches
  • External vented flow control fitting
  • internal air relief by pass
  • HDPE injection molded
  • Non skid, rectangular gasketed lid. 
  • Interceptor is certified to the P.D.I. Standard PDI-G101, CSA B481, A.S.M.E. A112.14.3 and listed with I.A.P.M.O.
  • Model MI-G-1-PL
  • 7 GPM
  • Inlet 2"
  • Width   Front to Back 15.5"
  • Length Side to Side  19.5"
  • Height Floor to top    12.5"
  • Bottom to Center of Inlet  9"  

​External Vented Flow Control Fitting All of MIFAB’s PDI approved grease interceptors are supplied with an external, vented flow control fitting. Studies have proven that the use of an external, vented flow control fitting results in more effective grease interception because of the air introduced into the drain line through the vent in the top of the flow control fitting. As this air enters the interceptor, grease coats the resulting air bubbles and increases the efficiency of the grease rising to the surface.

  • Lifetime Warranty MIFAB offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of our plastic grease and oil interceptors.
  • Options and Accessories MIFAB’s 32 years of experience with grease interceptors provides us with a superior knowledge of options and accessories often required with grease interceptors. We can expertly provide any of the following options: dosing pump, enzyme port, high level alarm, multiple inlet and outlet ports, sediment bucket and threaded connections.
  •  Approvals All eight of the Lil Max plastic grease interceptors are being tested and will eventually be certified to the PDI G-101, ASME A112.14.3 and CSA B481 Standards and listed with IAPMO.
  • Structural Integrity Ribbed body design provides extra structural integrity for in ground installations. The body is manufactured in the USA out of seamless, rotationally molded Polypropylene with a 3/8” uniform wall thickness. The body is strong but lightweight, allowing it to be installed without the need of a backhoe or crane
  • Made in the USA MIFAB’s plastic grease and oil interceptors are made in the United States of America and meet the requirements of the Buy American Act.
  • Lightweight MIFAB’s Lil Max plastic grease interceptors are injection molded with Polypropylene material. They weigh significantly less than steel grease interceptors and therefore are much easier to handle and install.
  • Individually Boxed Interceptors Every Lil Max plastic grease interceptor is shipped to you in its own cardboard box for easy handling and protection of the product during shipping and handling. 9. Sealed Lid The lid seaing gasket is located within the underside of the lid – not in the top of the interceptor. This prevents tearing and wear on the gasket and provides a more secure seal to minimize odors.
  • Easy to Remove Lid The latches securing the lid to the body are easy to open and are made with an extra wide finger access area. No tools are required to open the lid of the Lil Max interceptors.
  • Easy to Clean The internal baffles can be easily removed and the lid covers the entire open area of the inside of the interceptor for complete and unrestricted access to the interior of the interceptor for cleaning.
  • Modularity The Lil Max interceptors can easily be converted into oil interceptors with the oil draw off and vent connections for applications that require oil interceptors

Grease Trap 14 lb 7 GPM Lil Max by Mifab w 2" Inlet MI-G-1-PL

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