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Zojirushi America AH-EAE10 Glass Vacuum Carafe
Zojirushi America AH-EAE10 Glass Vacuum Carafe

Introducing the AH-EAE10 Glass Vacuum Carafe, a collaboration between Japanese craftsmanship and British design expertise. Created in partnership with renowned designer David Tonge of The Division, this carafe combines striking aesthetics with exceptional functionality.

Key Features:

Unique Decagonal Design: The AH-EAE10 Glass Vacuum Carafe stands out with its distinctive decagonal shape, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your table setting. It is a true representation of the collaboration between Japanese and British design sensibilities.

Superior Heat Retention: Equipped with a high-quality medical-grade borosilicate glass vacuum liner, this carafe excels in heat retention. It can keep your hot beverages at a satisfying 151°F for up to 10 hours or maintain warmth at 124°F for a remarkable 24 hours.

Repels Odors and Stains: The glass interior of the carafe is specifically designed to resist odors and stains, ensuring that your beverages remain fresh and uncontaminated. This feature guarantees a clean and enjoyable drinking experience every time.

Versatile Cold Retention: In addition to its impressive heat retention capabilities, the AH-EAE10 Carafe also excels in keeping cold beverages chilled. It can maintain a refreshing temperature of 46°F for up to 10 hours, allowing you to enjoy cool drinks for an extended period.

Stylish Color Options: Choose from a range of stylish color options including Silver (-SA), Black (-BA), Red (-RA), and Gold (-NA). These options enable you to match the carafe with your personal style or complement the aesthetics of your space.

User-Friendly Design: The carafe features a large push-button stopper for easy and convenient pouring. The durable and sturdy handle ensures a secure grip, providing effortless serving and pouring for you and your guests.

Premium Craftsmanship: Made in Japan with meticulous attention to detail, the AH-EAE10 Carafe showcases exceptional craftsmanship. Every aspect of its construction is carefully crafted to deliver a product that meets the highest standards of quality.

Elevate your beverage service with the AH-EAE10 Glass Vacuum Carafe. With its unique design, superior heat retention, stain-resistant glass, and user-friendly features, it is a perfect addition to your home, office, or any setting where beverages are served. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with this remarkable carafe.

Zojirushi America AH-EAE10 Glass Vacuum Carafe

Part Number: AH-EAE10
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