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Zojirushi America BHS-19SB Brew Thru Lid Thermal Carafe
Zojirushi America BHS-19SB Brew Thru Lid Thermal Carafe

Introducing the BHS-19SB Brew Thru Lid Thermal Carafe, a classic and reliable solution for maintaining the temperature and flavor of your favorite beverages. With its traditional design and innovative features, this carafe is perfect for both commercial and home use.

Key Features:

Brew-Thru Lid: The BHS-19SB Carafe is equipped with a patented Brew-Thru lid, allowing you to directly brew your favorite beverages under commercial brewers. This convenient feature eliminates the need for transferring liquids from one container to another, saving time and reducing mess.

Superior Heat Retention: With its high-quality vacuum glass liner, the carafe excels in heat retention. It can keep your beverages hot at an impressive 169°F for up to 10 hours or maintain warmth at 142°F for a reliable 24 hours. Enjoy hot and fresh drinks throughout the day.

Swivel Base: The carafe is designed with a swivel base, providing added convenience during serving. The base allows you to rotate the carafe effortlessly, ensuring that every guest or customer can access their desired beverage with ease.

Generous Capacity: With a capacity of 63 oz. (1.85 liters), the carafe is perfect for serving large groups or catering to high-volume settings. Whether you're hosting a gathering or operating a busy coffee shop, this carafe has you covered.

Classic Design: The BHS-19SB Carafe showcases a timeless and traditional design that fits seamlessly into any setting. The brushed stainless steel exterior (-XA) exudes elegance and durability, making it an attractive addition to your tabletop or beverage station.

Reliable Performance: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using high-quality materials, this carafe is built to withstand the demands of commercial use. It is designed for reliable performance, ensuring that your beverages stay hot and flavorful for an extended period.

Upgrade your beverage service with the BHS-19SB Brew Thru Lid Thermal Carafe. Whether for commercial or home use, its patented Brew-Thru lid, excellent heat retention, and convenient features make it the perfect choice for keeping your beverages hot and flavorful. Embrace the classic design and functionality of this exceptional carafe and elevate your serving experience.

Zojirushi America BHS-19SB Brew Thru Lid Thermal Carafe

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