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  6. Blakeslee Two Tank Door-Type Dishwasher DD-8
Blakeslee Two Tank Door-Type Dishwasher DD-8
Blakeslee Two Tank Door-Type Dishwasher DD-8

Blakelsee DD-8 Industrial Restaurant Dishwasher Details:

Blakeslee door-type dishwashers are designed to be energy and water efficient.
  • When steam is available, steam injection or steam coil heated tanks can be specified to reduce water-heating costs.
  • The Double D-8 model can be ordered with a single tank switch for washing a single rack.
  • Four heavy-duty springs that counter balance the door
Blakeslee Door-Type Dish Machines are compact and designed to fit the space and layout constraints of any dishroom or work area.
  • Four-sided lift-up door and changeable rack guide allows straight through or corner operation.
  • Two tank Double D-8 models provide twice the rack capacity, for less than the cost of rack-type machines

Dishwasher, door type, 110 racks per hour, with built-in thermostat, auto fill, automatic liquid level control, door safety switch, upper & lower revolving type wash sprays, (4) dish & combinations racks, thermal overload protection for each motor, stainless steel removable front panels, frame, legs and feet, 3 kw electric tank heat, (2) 1 HP, (2) 1725 R.P.M. PTO drive

Weight 1100.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 58.00(h) x 52.50(w) x 26.19(d)
Rack Capacity approximately (100) racks/hour
Design straight-thru
Temperature High Temp with Booster
Construction Stainless Steel
Racks double
Tank Heat electric


Blakeslee Two Tank Door-Type Dishwasher DD-8

Part Number: DD-8
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