Whether you work in a kitchen or you just occasionally have to cook at home, all of us could benefit from being able to wash up a little more quickly and efficiently. That way we could spend less time scrubbing, get less backache as a result, and enjoy a cleaner and tidier kitchen for the majority of the time.

Washing up is never a fun job, and it’s rarely a quick or easy one, but in the vast majority of scenarios it could be quicker and easier if you used better techniques. Read on to find out how you could improve your effectiveness at the sink and get through more washing up more quickly…

The Tools

A bad workman blames his tools, but a good workman can be made much better by giving them the right tools. This means that you should have the best scrubbing brush and scouerer for removing grime, but it also means that you should have a good sink to clean in. If you can get a sink with multiple compartments for instance, then you will find that you can much more easily dispose of things like full cups of tea and that you can avoid contaminating your water more than necessary. If you run a restaurant, then investing in the right equipment this way is particularly advisable. If you don’t have a multi-compartment sink, then using a bucket inside the sink can be a good compromise.

Clean the Sink First


Before you get started washing up, it’s a good idea to clean out the sink so that you’re at least starting from the best possible situation. It might seem like a bit of a pain to have to clean up before you’ve even picked up a plate – but in the long run it will make a big difference.

Use Hot Water

Your washing up water should obviously be hot, and the hotter you make it, the more easily you’ll find that the dried-on food comes off your plates. This is a good reason to use gloves too – it will allow you to put your hands in the hotter water.

Start With Glasses


You should always start with the cleanest and smallest items first and move on to the messier ones. This will ensure you have to refresh your water less often, and it will help make the water more effective at rinsing off surface mess. Starting with glasses in particular is advisable as they show up even the slightest bit of grease much more seriously than other items of crockery.

Refresh Often

When your sink starts to get grimy you might be tempted to fight through it. Here though it’s a case of ‘less haste, more speed’, so bite the bullet and refresh the water regularly.

Watch YouTube


This won’t make the time go any quicker – but it will sure feel like it does. To make time pass faster when washing up your plates, put your phone or tablet somewhere you can see it and watch some YouTube videos. And while you’re at it, why not pull up a chair and make a cup of tea? Suddenly, washing up isn’t so bad.

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