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1500 Gallon Grease Interceptor RGI-1500 by Rockford
1500 Gallon Grease Interceptor RGI-1500 by Rockford

1500 Gallon Grease Interceptor RGI-1500 by Rockford  w


  • Large Rockford Grease Trap. Model: RGI-1500
  • All-welded steel Gravity Grease Interceptor
  • 1500 Gallon Holding Capacity
  • 7560 lb. grease capacity
  • 4 " Threaded inlet / outlet 
  • Removable 3/8" nonskid diamond tread plate cover for flush-Grade Installation Suitable for Heavy Truck Trafic
  •  Bituminous Coating inside and out
  • Heavy Duty Leak proof gasket.
  • Two 6" Tall Manways
  • Custom Made Non returnable check spec sheet before ordering
Installation suitable for Heavy Truck traffic secured with stainless steel flat head screws
  • Model RGI-1500
  • 1500 Gallon Holding Capacity w Two 6" Tall Manways
  • Inlet 4"
  • Width   Front to Back 60"
  • Length Side to Side  120"
  • Height Floor to top    60"
  • Bottom to Center of Inlet  52"
  • Bottom to Center of Outlet  50"
  • Top to Center of Inlet 14"
  • Top to Center of Outlet  16"
  • Weight 2800 Lbs
  • H20 Load Rating

Enterprises in the gastronomy sector commonly opt for 1500-gallon grease trap systems to effectively control and manage waste oil, petrol, and grease (FOG), byproducts of food preparation activities. These systems play a crucial role in preventing potential risks such as sewer overflows and leaks by minimizing the solidification of FOG as it enters the sewer system, reducing transportation capacity and preventing blockages in the flow. Additionally, when integrated with Best Management Practices (BMPs), these 1500-gallon grease trap systems significantly reduce the entry of FOG into the sewer system, minimizing environmental impacts and providing an effective solution for public health protection. RGI-1500 by Rockford exceeds industry standards with its reliable and efficient 1500-gallon grease capacity, making it a standout grease interceptor in the market.

1500 Gallon Grease Interceptor RGI-1500 by Rockford

Part Number: RGI-1500
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