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10' Meat Slicer AXIS AX-S10 ULTRA
10' Meat Slicer AXIS AX-S10 ULTRA

10-Inch Meat Slicer AXIS AX-S10 ULTRA

This Axis Meat Slicer is Not Recommended for Cheese.

  • Product Description:


    • Sanitary Anodized components 
    • One piece base with no crevices to avoid any build-up of bacteria for easy cleaning
    • Environmentally-safe aluminum anodizing produces a durable, aesthetically pleasing finish for endless design applications
    • Easy cleaning, a wet cloth and a mild detergent is sufficient to keep the slicer clean
    • The highest degree of anodization for sanitized surface and corrosion resistant
    • Poly V-Belt Drive Systems
    • Easy to maintain – economical service and repair with a long life belt
    • Slicer’s knife runs at 300 rpm for optimal performance, to avoid product heating and stressing
    • Steel motor pulley
    • .33 H.P. fan cooled motor poly V-belt driven
    • Thermo-protection to avoid motor burning 
    • Microswitch protection on cover blade; blade will stop when microswitch loses its contact to avoid any injury
    • Permanently lubricated ball bearings to ensure quiet operation
    • Wide stainless steel product holder providing sanitary requirements as it comes into contact with any food
    • Plexi safety guard on carriage tray to prevent accidents
    • Highest chromium precision special alloy hollow ground blade
    • Precision system provides thousands slice adjustment and consistent cuts of foods from tissue thin to 9/16’’ (14mm)
    • Built-in top mounted sharperner
    • 1 year parts and labor warranty


10" Meat Slicer AXIS AX-S10 ULTRA

Part Number: AX-S10 ULTRA
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